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Strapi plugin drag-drop-content-types


⏳ Installation

# with npm
npm i @retikolo/drag-drop-content-types
# with yarn
yarn add @retikolo/drag-drop-content-types

🔧 Configuration

In your config

  1. Add this to your config/plugins.js file (create it, if it doesn't exist yet):
module.exports = {
  // ...
  'drag-drop-content-types': {
    enabled: true
  1. Run npm run build and (re)start the app

In the app

Go to Settings -> Drag Drop Content Type -> Configuration:

  • Specify how the rank field is called in your content-types. Default value is rank.
  • Add the rank fields to your content type. With the default value this would be rank (Number (Number format: integer)).
  • (Give permissions for the rank field to roles such as "Editor" if needed).


  • Add "Default sort attribute" rank, "Default sort order" ASC and remove the rank attribute from the view using "Configure the view" button.
  • You can also set a title value that is displayed in the menu instead of the default.
  • If you want a second field to be displayed in the drag and drop menu, you can add s subtitle in the settings. The subtitle should either be:
  • A field containing a string or number or something like that.
  • It can be an object (like a relation), but it must have the title field specified in the settings (it won't recognize automatically!).

In your frontend

Assuming you go with the default settings, you can make a request on the following url to get the ordered items:


🐞 Known issues

Due to changes in the Strapi core, the plugin causes a full page reload after sorting. This is a known issue, and will be fixed ASAP if possible.

🤝 Contribute

Feel free to fork and make pull requests to this plugin. All input is welcome - thanks for all contributions so far!

⭐️ Support

I you like this project, please give it a star. Maybe this will help it getting integrated to strapi's core some day 😊.

Install now

npm install @retikolo/drag-drop-content-types


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