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The integration app allows users to view, edit, and co-author office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations added to the Strapi Media Library using ONLYOFFICE Docs

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Strapi ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

This app enables users to edit office documents from Strapi using ONLYOFFICE Docs packaged as Document Server - Community or Enterprise Edition.


The app allows to:

  • View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Co-edit documents in real-time using two co-editing modes (Fast and Strict), Track Changes, comments, built-in chat.

Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs

You will need an instance of ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server). You can install free Community version or scalable Enterprise Edition.

To install free Community version, use Docker (recommended) or follow these instructions for Debian, Ubuntu, or derivatives.

To install Enterprise Edition, follow the instructions here.

Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition comparison can be found here.

Installing Strapi ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

  1. You need to change the Strapi middlewares file: strapi/config/middlewares.js.

    To allow inserting a frame with the editor and loading api.js, replace the strapi::security line in this file with the following:

      name: "strapi::security",
      config: {
        contentSecurityPolicy: {
          useDefaults: true,
          directives: {
            "script-src": ["'self'", "https:", "http:"],
            "frame-src": ["'self'", "https:", "http:"],

    If such a config already exists, you just need to add directives.

  2. Install the plugin in your Strapi project:

    npm install onlyoffice-strapi --save
  3. After successful installation you have to rebuild the admin UI so it'll include this plugin. To rebuild and restart Strapi run:

    # using yarn
    yarn build
    yarn develop
    # using npm
    npm run build
    npm run develop

Configuring Strapi ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

You can configure ONLYOFFICE app via Strapi Dashboard -> Settings -> Global settings -> ONLYOFFICE. On the settings page, enter:

  • Document server address: The URL of the installed ONLYOFFICE Document Server.
  • Document server JWT secret key: Enables JWT to protect your documents from unauthorized access (further information can be found here).

Using Strapi ONLYOFFICE integration plugin

Users are able to view, edit, and co-author documents added to the Strapi Media Library. Documents available for viewing/editing can be found and sorted on the ONLYOFFICE file page within Strapi. The editor opens by clicking on the file name.

Access rights

  • Opening files for editing: roles with the Update (crop, details, replace) + delete permission setting.
  • Opening files for viewing: roles with the Access the Media Library permission setting.

ONLYOFFICE Docs editions

ONLYOFFICE offers different versions of its online document editors that can be deployed on your own servers.

ONLYOFFICE Docs packaged as Document Server:

  • Community Edition (onlyoffice-documentserver package)
  • Enterprise Edition (onlyoffice-documentserver-ee package)

The table below will help you make the right choice.

Pricing and licensingCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Get it nowStart Free Trial
CostFREEGo to the pricing page
Simultaneous connectionsup to 20 maximumAs in chosen pricing plan
Number of usersup to 20 recommendedAs in chosen pricing plan
LicenseGNU AGPL v.3Proprietary
SupportCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
DocumentationHelp CenterHelp Center
Standard supportGitHub or paidOne year support included
Premium supportContact usContact us
ServicesCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Conversion Service++
Document Builder Service++
InterfaceCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Tabbed interface++
Dark theme++
125%, 150%, 175%, 200% scaling++
White Label--
Integrated test example (node.js)++
Mobile web editors-+*
Plugins & MacrosCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Collaborative capabilitiesCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Two co-editing modes++
Built-in chat++
Review and tracking changes++
Display modes of tracking changes++
Version history++
Document Editor featuresCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Font and paragraph formatting++
Object insertion++
Adding Content control++
Editing Content control++
Layout tools++
Table of contents++
Navigation panel++
Mail Merge++
Comparing Documents++
Spreadsheet Editor featuresCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Font and paragraph formatting++
Object insertion++
Functions, formulas, equations++
Table templates++
Pivot tables++
Data validation++
Conditional formatting++
Sheet Views++
Presentation Editor featuresCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Font and paragraph formatting++
Object insertion++
Presenter mode++
Form creator featuresCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Adding form fields++
Form preview++
Saving as PDF++
Get it nowStart Free Trial

* If supported by DMS.

In case of technical problems, the best way to get help is to submit your issues here. Alternatively, you can contact ONLYOFFICE team on

Install now

npm install onlyoffice-strapi


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