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Formula Field

A Custom Field plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides an integration with powerful math library.

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Strapi v4 - Formula field

Powerful math operations just inside your Headless CMS!

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A plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides an integration with powerful mathjs library.

Table of Contents

✨ Features

  • Strapi Custom Field for calculating the provided formula.
  • mathjs integration.
    • Supports numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, fractions, units, strings, arrays, and matrices.
    • Is compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library.
    • Contains a flexible expression parser.
    • Does symbolic computation.
    • Comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants.
  • Calculating the formula with the provided scope using the powerful mathjs.evaluate method. Read More.

🧰 Requirements

  • strapi@4.X.X

Complete installation requirements are exact the same as for Strapi itself and could be found in the official Strapi documentation.

Before installing Strapi, the following requirements must be installed on your computer:

  • Node.js: Only Maintenance and LTS versions are supported (v16, v18, and v20).
    • Node v18.x is recommended for Strapi v4.3.9 and above
    • Node v16.x is recommended for Strapi v4.0.x to v4.3.8.
  • Your preferred Node.js package manager:
    • npm (v6 and above)
    • yarn

🦾 Installation

yarn add strapi-plugin-field-formula@latest


npm install strapi-plugin-field-formula@latest

After successful installation you could re-build the Strapi instance. You could use the next commands (default) inside your Strapi project:

yarn build
yarn develop

⚙️ Configuration

As a next step you must configure the plugin following the official Strapi documentation.

We need to enable the plugin by adding it to the Strapi plugin config file located in ./config/plugins.js of your Strapi project. If this file does not exist yer, you have to create it manually.

Copy and paste the following config into you ./config/plugins.js file:

// ./config/plugins.js`
module.exports = {
  // ...
  'field-formula': {
    enabled: true

My congratulation 😄! You have successfully installed and configured the Strapi Plugin Field Formula.

♾️ Usage

Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser with support for symbolic computation, comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants, and offers an integrated solution to work with different data types like numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, fractions, units, and matrices. Powerful and easy to use.

Here is some examples, but to use this plugin on the full 100%, you have to read the official Mathjs documentation, and especially the expressions part as formula is the same thing as mathjs.evaluate method 🤫

Function evaluate accepts a single (in our case) expression or an array with expressions as the first argument and has an optional second argument containing a scope with variables and functions. The scope can be a regular JavaScript Object, or Map (JSON in our case). The scope will be used to resolve symbols, and to write assigned variables or function.

Example 1

formula: sqrt(x^y + r^k)
scope: {
  "x": 2,
  "y": 3,
  "r": 4,
  "k": 5
result: 32.12475680841802

Example 2

formula: cos(x deg)
scope: { "x": 45 }
result: 0.7071067811865476

🛠️ Contributing

See the CONTRIBUTING.md document.

🗺️ Roadmap

  • Object response to unleash more difficult expressions.

❤️ Support or Donate

If you are enjoying this plugin and feel extra appreciative, you could buy me a book 📖 or 3 📖📖📖.

💕 Special Thanks

  • I want to say thank you to my wife Diana for her love, daily support, motivation and inspiration.

Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-field-formula


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4.4.0 and above


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