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Enables two way sync between medusajs ecommerce stack and strapi

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A quick description of strapi-plugin-medusajs.


This plugin is to quickly connect strapi cms with the medusa, to power two awesome open source system, This plugin decouples bootstrapping and configuration, allowing you greate flexibility.

Getting Started

On medusa you need to install the medusa-plugin-strapi-ts, and follow the setup instructions here

On strap in you need to install the strapi-plugin-medusajs You don't need to create an admin user, the plugin will create a default admin user for you if you don't have one already. You can configure the admin like any other plugin, via environment variables.

Install via yarn

yarn add strapi-plugin-medusajs

In your strapi project, enable it


module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
    // ...
    strapi-plugin-medusajs': true,
    // other plugins

In your .env file. Add a MEDUSA_STRAPI_SECRET environment variable. Make sure it has the same value as jwt_secret config in your Medusajs project

MEDUSA_STRAPI_SECRET=<Same as medusajs jwt_secret>


You may encounter an error saying maximum length is 255 in which case change the schema type from string to text.

Show your support

I love developing software and building products that are useful. I sincerely hope you this project helps you. I'm happy to help if you need support setting this up. Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you! Catch me on discord @govdiw

As you might have guessed by now that considerable time and effort has gone into make this product useful to the community at large, and I'd love to keep maintaining and upgrading this. However, As much as we love FOSS software, nothing in this world is truly free. Please help by sponsoring or supporting the project. (

Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-medusajs


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