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Pfapi plugin provides fast, secure, configurable, and scalable API services for e-commerce web apps.

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Strapi plugin pfapi

Pfapi plugin uses pfapi-core library to provide fast, secure, configurable, and scalable API services for e-commerce web apps.

  • Pfapi uses local and Redis caches to achieve single-digit milliseconds on average API response time.
  • IP unlimited / blocked lists, Rate limits and activities log are accessible through the admin panel.
  • API handles for detail and list views are powered by highly configurable components dynamic zone.
  • Configurable filters enable user-friendly UX for users to find what they are looking for.
  • Production environment that runs multiple Strapi servers and Redis cluster is supported and tested.


Pfapi plugin is a Strapi version 4 plugin. It requires the in-memory data store Redis. Please refer to Redis getting started to install redis server for your environment.

How to install

yarn add strapi-plugin-pfapi


npm install strapi-plugin-pfapi

Click to see full documentation

Setup Demonstration

With the world cities test data set provided by plugin strapi-plugin-pfapi-data, we can run API calls to demonstrate the idea.

step 1 install Redis server

Please refer to Redis getting started to install redis server on your local computer.

step 2 create strapi app

yarn create strapi-app strapi-pfapi-app --quickstart


npx create-strapi-app strapi-pfapi-app --quickstart

After creating and logging into your Strapi account from the browser, stop the strapi server.

step 3 install plugins

You don't have to install strapi-plugin-pfapi-data for your production.

strapi-plugin-pfapi-data provides a test data set for demo and test

cd strapi-pfapi-app

yarn add strapi-plugin-pfapi strapi-plugin-pfapi-data

yarn develop


npm install strapi-plugin-pfapi strapi-plugin-pfapi-data

npm run develop

step 4 setup api_key and permissions

get your api_key from:


Please replace Pfapi-Demo-XXXXXXXX with Pfapi-Demo for the convenience of using links posted below.

A role with name PfapiDemo is installed in the above steps.

Go to Settings > USERS & PERMISSIONS PLUGIN > Roles:

Setup PfapiDemo role


click on PfapiDemo,

Under Permissions > World-city

assign find and findOne permissions to PfapiDemo and click save.

OK, we are ready to run demos.

step 5 demos

a) tests content-type name world-cities as path variable



b) tests config handle northern-cities as path variable

handle configs are defined in PfapiHandle.




strapi api parameters


c) tests with config handle northern-city with id_field is name

config data defined in PfapiHandles for handle northern-city:


d) test data update

goto http://localhost:1337/admin/content-manager/collectionType/api::world-city.world-city/2148

make some change, for example: change the population from 288000 to 288001

check APIs:



to see if the cached data was evicted and updated

e) test config update

goto http://localhost:1337/admin/content-manager/collectionType/plugin::pfapi.pfapi-handle/1

make some changes, for example: add or remove country to the fields array

check APIs:



Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-pfapi


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