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Schedule publishing for any content type


A plugin for Strapi that provides the ability to easily schedule publishing and unpublishing of any content type.

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The installation requirements are the same as Strapi itself and can be found in the documentation on the Quick Start page in the Prerequisites info card.

Supported Strapi versions

  • v4.x.x

NOTE: While this plugin may work with the older Strapi versions, they are not supported, it is always recommended to use the latest version of Strapi.


npm install strapi-plugin-publisher


yarn add strapi-plugin-publisher


Enable the plugin

The plugin configuration is stored in a config file located at ./config/plugins.js.

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
	publisher: {
		enabled: true,

The Complete Plugin Configuration Object

actionsSettings associated with any actions.Object{}No
actions.syncFrequencyThe frequency to check for actions to run. It is a cron expressionString'/1 * * *'No
componentsSettings associated with any of the plugins componentsObject{}No
components.dateTimePickerSettings associated with the DateTimePicker component used to set action timesObject{}No
components.dateTimePicker.stepThe step between the numbers displayed for the time section of the DateTimePickerNumber1No

Enable server cron

The cron.enabled configuration option needs to be set to true in Server Configuration for the plugin to work.


Once the plugin has been installed, configured and enabled a Publisher section will be added to the informations section of the edit view for all content types (single + collection) that have draftAndPublish enabled. The Publisher section will provide the ability to schedule publishing and unpublishing of the content type. The content type publication status is checked every minute.

If the Publisher section does not appear after the plugin is enabled trigger a clean rebuild of the admin

Single Content Type

Sample single content type publisher section

Collection Content Type

Sample collection content type publisher section

Adding a (un)publish date

Navigate to the entity record that should be (un)published, under the informations section click the Add a (un)publish date button. Enter in the date and click save, the entity record will then be (un)published at the specified time.


Add a (un)publish date

Editing a (un)publish date

Navigate to the entity record that requires its date changed, under the informations section click the Edit (un)publish date button. Enter in the new date and click save.

Edit a (un)publish date

Deleting a (un)publish date

Navigate to the entity record that contains the date that should be removed, under the informations section click the Delete (un)publish date button.

Delete a (un)publish date


If any bugs are found please report them as a Github Issue

Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-publisher

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Strapi Compatibility

4.0.7 and above


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