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Custom responsive image formats

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Strapi plugin responsive-image

Custom responsive image formats for

Screenshoot settings

How it works

  • Go to the settings and choose the Responsive image menu
  • Add/edit the formats
  • Upload a new media and it will have the new formats automatically generated


Using npm

npm install --save strapi-plugin-responsive-image
npm run build

Using yarn

yarn add strapi-plugin-responsive-image
yarn build


We need to override the image manipulation of the upload plugin and use the one from this plugin. So we need to add a strapi-server.js file within the src/extensions/upload/strapi-server.js folder.


mkdir -p src/extensions/upload/strapi-server.js
touch src/extensions/upload/strapi-server.js

Paste the code below in the file.

const imageManipulation = require("strapi-plugin-responsive-image/server/services/image-manipulation");

module.exports = (plugin) => {["image-manipulation"] = imageManipulation;

  return plugin;

Now when you'll upload a file you'll have the formats of the settings page.

Global options

The plugin uses sharp to resize the image.

QualityQuality, integer 1-100
ProgressiveUse progressive (interlace) scan

Format options

NameRequired Name of the format. The file generated will look like name_file_uploaded_hash.jpeg
Generate x2 versionIf ON it generates a format name_x2 with a width and a height twice bigger
Output formatThe output format of your images: Same as source, JPEG, PNG, WebP or AVIF
WidthRequired Width of the image
HeightHeight of the image
FitHow the image should be resized to fit both provided dimensions. More info
PositionTo use when fit is cover or contain. More info
Without enlargementDo not enlarge if the width or height are already less than the specified dimensions. More info


  • Better UI/UX, maybe like the settings of the webhooks
  • Add re-generate button to re-generate all the formats if we change the settings


Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-responsive-image

Last updated

52 days ago

Strapi Compatibility

>=4.0.0 <5.0.0-0


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