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Keep track of your content management with todo lists

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This plugin adds a todo list next to your content in Strapi. It makes it easy for admin users to keep track of their content management.



Start by adding the plugin as dependency in your Strapi app:

# Using Yarn
yarn add strapi-plugin-todo

# Or using npm
npm install strapi-plugin-todo

Then build & restart your application:

# Using Yarn
yarn build && yarn develop

# Or using npm
npm run build && npm run develop

Features & roadmap

  • Create a task
  • Toggle a task
  • Delete a task
  • Update a task
  • Assign a task to a Strapi admin
  • Set a due date for a task

Development process

To find out more about how this plugin was built:


Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-todo


20 GitHub stars215 weekly downloads

Last updated

127 days ago

Strapi Version

4.0.0 and above


github profile image for Rémi de Juvigny
Rémi de Juvigny

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