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# using yarn
yarn add @strapi/provider-email-mailgun

# using npm
npm install @strapi/provider-email-mailgun --save


providerstringThe name of the provider you useyes
providerOptionsobjectWill be directly given to the require('mailgun.js'). Please refer to mailgun.js doc.yes
settings.defaultFromstringDefault sender mail addressnoundefined
settings.defaultReplyTostring | arrayDefault address or addresses the receiver is asked to reply tonoundefined

:warning: The Shipper Email (or defaultfrom) may also need to be changed in the Email Templates tab on the admin panel for emails to send properly

Since mailgun-js has been deprecated, this package now uses mailgun.js instead. In an effort to avoid breaking changes methods were added to convert existing configuration objects to work with the new package.


Path - config/plugins.js

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
  // ...
  email: {
    config: {
      provider: 'mailgun',
      providerOptions: {
        key: env('MAILGUN_API_KEY'), // Required
        domain: env('MAILGUN_DOMAIN'), // Required
        url: env('MAILGUN_URL', ''), //Optional. If domain region is Europe use ''
      settings: {
        defaultFrom: '',
        defaultReplyTo: '',
  // ...

Install now

npm install @strapi/provider-email-mailgun

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