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Manage your multilingual content with ease with Localazy

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The Official Strapi Localization Plugin by Localazy

Strapi localization doesn't have to be a headache! Install the Strapi localization plugin and seamlessly translate your content into multiple languages with Localazy.

Manage your multilingual content with ease.

  1. Sign up & Upload your content to Localazy.
  2. Translate your content with machine translation assistance, or let the Localazy Continuous Localization Team translate your content for you. You can also quickly pre-translate everything in bulk or invite your translators.
  3. Download translated content back to Strapi and feel the seamless experience of multilingual content management.

Learn more in the Strapi + Localazy tutorial.


Install plugin via NPM

The plugin is available on NPM. You can also follow the installation commands located in your Strapi project Marketplace. This is the recommended approach.

npm install @localazy/strapi-plugin

Use plugin in a clean project locally

Besides installing the plugin via npm, you can also use it in a project locally. Assuming you have a (clean) Strapi project set up, do:

  1. Copy the whole contents.
  2. Paste it into ./src/plugin/localazy folder of your project (path from project root).
  3. Create ./config/plugins.js file (path from project root).
  4. Add the following contents to ./config/plugins.js file:
module.exports = {
  localazy: {
    enabled: true,
    resolve: "./src/plugins/localazy",
    config: {
      default: () => {},
      validator: () => {},
  1. Run the project. The plugin will be available in the admin.


To run tests, run npm run test command. To watch tests, run npm run test:watch command.


Install now

npm install @localazy/strapi-plugin

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5 days ago

Strapi Version

4.0 and above


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