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Content-Type Explorer

Visualize your content-types and their relationships like an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)

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🗺 Contnet-Type Explorer

Content-Type Explorer is a Strapi plugin that visualizes your content types and their relationships like an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram).



⌨️ Installation

npm i strapi-content-type-explorer

⚙️ Options

  • Field Data Types
  • Field Icons
  • Default Fields: toggle createdBy, createdAt, updatedBy, updatedAt
  • Relational Fields Only
  • admin:: Types
  • plugin:: Types
  • Edges
  • Snap to Grid
  • Backgorund Pattern
  • Edge Type

🧭 Tips

If you encounter lags while dragging boxes, try changing edge types. "Smart" edges cause performance issues (this should be fixed in future releases)

🚀 Collaboration

Have a question or found a bug? Feel free to open an issue. Wanna contribute and improve the plugin? PRs are welcome!

GitHub repo:

Install now

npm install strapi-content-type-explorer


16 GitHub stars381 weekly downloads

Last updated

142 days ago

Strapi Version

4.0.0 and above


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Shahriar Khalvati

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